Why The Poker Pros Wear Sunglasses

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November 17, 2022
why pro poker players wear sunglasses

The Truth Behind Poker Pros and Why They Wear Sunglasses

The culture of poker pros is mysterious. They’re almost always seen wearing sunglasses and drinking Red Bull. The reasoning behind this has been a mystery for years, but we know even less about them than we thought. Suppose you watched ESPN coverage or listened to Howard Stern. In that case, you’d think that poker pros are an exclusive club of degenerate nerds who live in mom’s basement and can barely hold down jobs. In reality, these guys are some of the most well-adjusted people out there – with the added bonus of making a living doing what they love. So how did their image get so screwed up? Why are the pros wearing sunglasses? Let’s look at the facts.

Pro Evolution

The modern iteration of poker began in the early 2000s. Online poker was becoming popular, TV coverage was spiking, and the World Series of Poker was booming. Unfortunately, this was also the time when people stopped using the word “pro” to describe the elite class of poker players. Before the 2000s, you would have called a “pro” a “pro” in any situation. “Pro” players are generally considered to be those who make a living from poker.

The Sunglasses

As one of the most iconic elements of poker culture, sunglasses are almost always the first thing people bring up when discussing poker pros. And, as with everything in poker, there are many myths about sunglasses. The most comical one is that the “dealers” – the people working at the poker table – can’t see the players’ eyes. This is false. The dealers are behind a wall and can’t see the players. But what about the players? Can they see their opponents? The answer is “not exactly.” The players can see the other players’ faces but can’t see their eyes. That’s because the players have a wall behind them as well. So, in reality, the players can see the other players’ lips moving. But why do poker pros wear sunglasses? The answer is simple: Poker is a highly visual game. The players can see their opponent’s cards, but their opponents can’t see their cards. Wearing sunglasses prevents players from seeing each other’s eyes, which is an easy giveaway as to what cards a player has. The sunglasses are supposed to create a level playing field.

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Red Bull and Codeine: The Real Reason Pros Wear Sunglasses

As if the sunglasses weren’t weird enough, the pros have another bizarre thing they do: They drink codeine Red Bull during tournaments. Why? First of all, the drink isn’t exclusive to poker. It’s a popular drink among club kids and DJs, too. The high from the glass is incredibly lasting and reliable, making it perfect for a tournament. So, since the pros compete against each other, why the codeine? The truth is that the codeine and Red Bull combo is an anti-nausea drink. Poker tournaments often last over 14 hours, and having a nausea-reducing drink is smart. The codeine also helps keep players from getting drowsy during games, and it’s a stimulant, so it keeps the players awake.

Poker is Addictive as Hell

Poker, as you can tell, is a very addictive game. The adrenaline rush of a winning streak and the feeling of crushing an opponent get into your blood. The problem is that poker is a winner-take-all game. If you lose, you might not eat that week. The stakes are high, and emotions are running high. Even the most well-adjusted person can lose their head during a bad beat – and bad moments often happen in poker. Poker pros wear sunglasses and drink codeine Red Bull to reduce the risk of these outbursts. The sunglasses help players avoid being “read” by their opponents, and the codeine helps players stay focused, even after a bad beat. This way, poker pros can play the game at a higher level and get the most out of it.

Pros Are Well-Adjusted People

The truth is that poker pros are some of the most well-adjusted people out there. As we mentioned, poker is a very addictive game. The hard part is quitting while you’re ahead. Many people cannot do this and end up destroying their lives. Luckily, the poker community is incredibly tight-knit. These players are in it together, so if someone has problems, they’re encouraged to get help. The poker pros aren’t degenerate nerds who live in mom’s basement. They are some of the most well-adjusted people who make a living doing what they love.


Poker is a game, and people will do anything to win. Although it’s strange to think about some of these things, playing poker with regular cards is also weird. So, in the end, everything is fair in love and poker. If you want to become a great poker player, you have to play smarter. You have to find ways to improve your game and read your opponents. Only then will you be able to beat these guys and take their money.

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