2022 Top Rated Casino Game

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November 5, 2022

The Top Rated Online Casino Game of 2022

It is not a simple feat to become the top-rated online casino game of 2022 on real casinos review. Hundreds of spins were made to make sure our readers could play without any doubt, it was the best game of the year.

Spin Starburst was the most-played casino game in 2022

Usually, the most played game naturally becomes the top-rated in any scenario, which was true for Starburst. It’s hard to beat the new player user experience, paired with massive payouts and re-spin features.

Starburst was originally introduced in 1964 as a candy, it became an instant favorite among people with a sweet tooth. In 2012 Netent created this instant classic among the bonus code hunters community. One of the features I enjoy is matching three symbols from both the left and right sides of the pay line. It makes it more forgiving, I wish more slot machines were paid this way.

Almost all casinos give free spins at this slot.

One of the reasons it has become a favorite in the online casino community is the extra free spins you can play. When joining an online casino for the first time, you are usually given 50, 100, 150, or in some scenarios, 200+ spins. No wonder Starburst was the most-played game in 2022.

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